Nord Minerals has completed a project for the supply and commissioning of four new thickeners

Four new thickeners for copper and copper-molybdenum concentrate, each with a diameter of 30 meters, were installed and launched for the largest mining and metallurgical complex in Uzbekistan.

In addition to replacing outdated thickeners that had been in operation since the 1960s, the supply also included upgrade work on the feeding well of an existing 25-meter thickener that was commissioned in 2016 by Kanex company.

Nord Minerals engineers developed and implemented a new fully automated thickening technology, which included flocculant preparation stations, Metso slurry pumps, Bradly peristaltic pumps, as well as electrification and automation system.

During the development of the solution, Nord Minerals supported the implementation of the company's Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy, focusing on increasing the volume of clean water return. Water scarcity is a serious problem for manufacturing enterprises in Uzbekistan, therefore the Nord Minerals team undertook an additional task to resolve it, which they successfully managed.

As a result of the equipment commissioning and laboratory research, Nord Minerals was able to exceed the declared warranty performance indicators by 10 times, ensuring a minimum suspended solids content in the effluent of up to 50 mg/liter. The high level of competence and co-ordinated work of the Nord Minerals team and the client's operations specialists made this result possible.